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MOLO GALLERY was founded by Karen Van den Langenbergh in November 2023. The new art gallery is located in an inviting corner building in the dynamic art environment of Antwerp 'New South'. The city's mayor art museums are at walking distance, including M HKA (Contemporary Art Museum), FOMU ( Photography Museum) and KMSKA (Royal Museum Fine Arts Antwerp).

MOLO GALLERY takes its name from 'il molo' which in Italian stands for 'pier', 'dock'. MOLO GALLERY wants to be a colorful haven for (international) artists and art enthusiasts, at a unique location in the world port city not far from the former docks. 

As a meeting place for artMOLO GALLERY strives to organise inspiring and innovative exhibitions and art events.

The art program is carefully curated with diverse, contemporary works by both established artists and emerging talent, with room for all media and art forms.

Visitors are welcome during opening hours or by appointment.

MOLO GALLERY looks forward to welcoming you!


Discover the artwork at the exhibition space of MOLO GALLERY. Have a look at the current exhibitions and the upcoming art events below. Subscribe to our newsletter in order not to miss anything.

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MOLO GALLERY strives for long-term collaborations across borders, in which growth and support of the artist are fundamental.


Welcome to visit us during the opening hours or by appointment:  

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Sat: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM (until 30th June 2024)
Additional opening hours and special events are announced on Instagram.


Jos Smolderenstraat 15, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium

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